MATRIX Personalized Fitness
More than just your muscles


MATRIX Personalized Fitness is located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island (RI) and specializes in one-on-one personal training or small group training to help you meet your fitness goals.

About Matrix Personalized Fitness

We’re a small, personalized studio dedicated to individual and small group training. Our approach involves not just your muscles but also other systems like your vision, breathing and more.

Your eyes affect how you move. Your breathing influences your digestion and metabolism. And even your previous injuries, experiences and illnesses determine your body’s response to exercise today.

Exercise is like medicine—we need to find the right dose for you. Too much can hurt you, while too little won’t get results.  Whether you’re looking to get out of pain, change your body or maximize your performance, we’ll tailor a program just for you.

About Our Studio

Your body is unique, and so is our holistic approach to personal training. Because your brain and nervous system control all of your physical movements, we incorporate your nervous system into your exercise plan. It’s an efficient method that blends biomechanics (how your particular body moves), neurology (how your nervous system responds to movement), eastern wellness methods and personal training. We work on finding the proper, targeted exercises that can create long-lasting change in your body as efficiently as possible—whether you want to overcome pain, improve at your favorite activities, or just get in better shape.

Matrix PErsonalized Fitness in East Greenwich, RI focuses on incorporating exercise, diet and nutrition for a whole body performance boost.