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If you’ve been wondering about training at MATRIX, you’re not alone. This blog will answer some of the most common questions we get asked about what we do.

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What you don’t know about your core

Have you ever said, “I need to strengthen my core”? Do you know what the core is, what it does, and how to train it? If not, read this…

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How to Get Better at Anything

There’s a myth out there that it takes 10,000 hours to develop an elite level of skill. Well, there are people and athletes debunking this myth every day. Find out how you can be one of them.

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Breathing: A Form Of Mind Control

Controlled breathing is not just "new-age mumbo-jumbo". It has powerful effects on your body from mood to posture. Here's the science that explains why.

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Stop Wasting Your Breath

Want to soothe stress and pain, ease digestion, and even improve your posture? You get 20,000 opportunities to do so every day!  Breathing is such a powerful tool and has huge impacts throughout your entire body.

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Two Things You Need to Know for Better Health

Your personal health and wellness is the most important thing in your life.  So, if you want to be productive, help others and enjoy your life to fullest, here are two things you need to know...

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What 10,000 Steps Means to Your Feet & Brain

You’ve probably heard of that magic goal of 10,000 steps per day. This blog will cover what all these steps might mean for your feet, your body, and your brain.

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Are You Sabotaging Your Workout?

Whether you’re running, lifting weights or doing yoga, it's possible that the way you train might actually be limiting your performance.  Here's what you need to know.

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Self Love - Rest & Recovery

It’s important to remember that we are not at our best when we’re stressed out and tired.  We often say things we don’t mean and have less energy.  Sleep and nutrition play a huge role in recovery, but there are a number of other tools available as well.

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Don't Wait for the New Year

Every year, so many of us start the new year with the good intention of changing our lives in a dramatic fashion.  And every year, the majority of us fall flat before the first week it out. To help you avoid this annual tradition of big expectations and equally large failures, here are a couple of suggestions

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