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Your Brain on YOga
Workshop Series

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Who is this workshop for?
• “Prove-it-to-me” skeptics who doubt yoga’s scientific benefits
• Devoted yogis who want to dive deeper into their practice
• Anyone who may feel inhibited by pain and limited flexibility

What’s it about?
Both yoga and modern neuroscience agree: the mind-body connection is real. With some basic knowledge about it, you can improve your yoga practice, exercise routine, life and overall health.

What will we learn?
You’ll learn how your brain controls pain and mobility, and how some simple movements can help you reduce pain while improving performance. You’ll explore how breathing is vital to connecting mind and body, and what you can do to strengthen your breathing. The results may give you a better yoga practice, improve your exercise routine, or make everyday life easier.

What will we do?
Several short science lessons (taught in a down-to-earth way), each followed by simple physical exercises that let you practice what you learn right away. By then end, you’ll know exactly what exercises to do so you can take the benefits into future yoga sessions or exercise routines as well as into your everyday life.


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