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Learn how to change your body, lose weight, and gain strength through one-on-one training and small group classes with MATRIX Personalized Fitness, located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island (RI).

Change My Body

It’s been proven that most people who start diet and exercise programs end up with only small changes, while others end up with no change or WORSE. That seems pretty counterintuitive and unfair—doing something “healthy” without getting rewards.

Now, why does this happen? At MATRIX, we believe it’s NOT because these “non-responders” are incapable of change, but rather that the programs weren’t right for them. Remember, diet and exercise cause stress and we all have different responses to it.

The most important aspect of body change is nutrition.  However, dieting doesn’t work!  People may lose weight in the beginning, but over 80% end up back where they started in the long run.  The people who are successful are the ones who create better nutritional habits.  Check out our ProCoach page to learn more about one of the tools we offer that can help you with nutrition.

The second piece of the puzzle is exercise. Exercise makes you feel better about yourself.  It can build lean tissues that boost your metabolism.  Through proper coaching, you’ll improve your movement skills and begin to find exercise enjoyable.

At MATRIX, we’ll evaluate you as an individual.  We consider your nervous system, nutritional and movement habits, and previous experiences when developing the path toward achieving your desired results.

One-on One Training

Shane from Matrix Personalized Fitness in East Greenwich specializes in one-on-one training to help you lose weight and change your body.

The way we approach one-on-one training is unlike other studios. We focus on more than just your muscles.

Step 1: Your in-depth, individual evaluation

First, we’ll find out how you’re put together. We’ll evaluate your movement as well as systems, like vision and balance, that control your movement. We’ll also talk with you to learn about illnesses, injuries, or stressful events that might have left lasting imprints in your body—even if they’re subconscious.

Step 2: Your individual sessions

We’ll utilize all of your individual information to tailor workouts toward your specific goals during one-on-one sessions. You choose how often we meet, from 2 - 4 times/per week. And we’ll show you simple drills to do on your own so you’ll progress more quickly.

Step 3: Re-evaluate, Revise, Results

We’ll closely monitor your progress and adjust as needed to keep you moving forward. As long as you commit to regular practice, you’ll be excited to see results.

Group Training

Our group training is actually a mix of one-on-one time with a trainer AND time training together with your group. If you’re budget conscious, or just like the extra motivation of working out with others, this is a great balance of individual and group exercise.

As the first step, you’ll have a solo session to evaluate your movement as well as systems that affect your movement, like your vision and balance. We’ll also chat with you to get a detailed physical history. Then we’ll create some simple drills for you to work on at home and during your group sessions.  

Those group sessions will be fun, collective workouts with your trainer and up to four other people. You’ll do the group workouts as often as you decide—2, 3 or 4 times per week.

To keep your individual progress on track, we’ll do one-on-one assessments with you every so often, too. That will help you achieve more efficient results.


If you're looking to change your body and lose weight, Matrix Personalized Fitness offers small group classes at affordable rates in East Greenwich, RI.