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Massage is no longer considered just a luxury item. For many, it is a necessary practice to help keep them moving, feeling, and functioning well. Massage is considered a complimentary practice to many forms of medicine and health practices. Studies have shown that massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Additionally, massage often produces feelings of well-being, comfort and connection. There are many different forms of massage and at MATRIX, we offer a variety…

Deep Tissue Massage (60-minute)

Deep Tissue Massage (60-minute)


Deep Tissue Massage utilizes deep, focused pressure on your muscles to help release chronic muscles tension. This can be intense at times, but the benefits are worthwhile if you have a specific issue. The sixty-minute version will provide deep tissue into a few trouble areas and time to relax at the end with a more gentle Swedish Massage on the rest of your body.

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