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Don't have time to come into the gym? Learn nutrition tips through out online platform, ProCoach.

ProCoach - Online Nutrition Counseling 


Have you ever tried dieting, calorie counting or detoxing?  If so, chances are you lost some weight at first, but eventually gained it all back.  That’s the case for 5 of every 6 people who have tried. The reason for these poor results is that these practices are not sustainable. Many diets and detoxes put stress on your body and lifestyle that cause you to resist continuing them.  Calorie counting is often inaccurate. Without developing new skills surrounding nutrition, we just return to our old habits.

ProCoach is a year long program that guides you step by step down a path to better nutrition habits.  Every two weeks you’ll be presented with a new habit to work on.  Every day you’ll receive a reminder and a little bit of education about your new habit.  And your coach is available every step of the way.  By the end of the year, you’ll be eating and feeling better.  More importantly, you’ll have the foundation of healthy new habits and the knowledge to make smart choices.  This way, the results you earn can be maintained for life. 

ProCoach is an online program.  Even if you are unavailable for personal training due to location or schedule, please feel free to reach out to us about joining the program.