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Organize Your Workout


Organize Your Workout

By Shane Sauer

It’s National Get Organized Day.  Instead of writing about cleaning up a workspace or your home, I thought I’d discuss how to organize your workouts.  Organizing a desk or office gives you space and ability to focus and get your work done.  Similarly, organizing a workout allows you to concentrate your efforts and achieve the results you want.  Here are three steps to follow to make that happen:

  1. Identify your goal – When you know why you are working out, it makes it a lot easier to choose what you want to do.  People tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to working out: those who have an athletic goal and those seeking general fitness.  If you have an athletic goal, designing a workout can be tricky, but there is also a lot of information available to you.  Take the time to research your activity and figure out what exercises will help best.  If you’re training for general fitness, it’s a lot simpler.  Identify something that might be fun, a sport, class, etc., and go try it!  In either category, if you still need help, remember there are always professionals you can turn to.
  2. Put in on the calendar – Now that you’ve chosen something to do, pick a time to do it and put it on the calendar.  Clearing out space in your calendar means you’re prioritizing your workout and it will make you more motivated to do it.  It will also help you prevent getting distracted by other activities or forgetting about the workout altogether.
  3. Prepare your gear – The night before you’re going to work out, think about the problems that might arise and plan against them.  Have your gym bag packed in case you wake up late.  Have a snack ready so that you’ll be properly fueled.  If there are other things that come up in your life, do your best to have a contingency plan.

Taking a little bit of time up front to organize your workout can save you from the typical excuses we encounter when we start exercising.  Follow these three steps and your workout consistency will improve and so will your results.

Good luck!

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