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Client Profiles

MATRIX Personalized Fitness tries to recognize their clients for all the hard work they have done.

Lori Mancini

"What fitness goal are you working towards at MATRIX Personalized Fitness?"

Building strength and flexibility is important to me as I’m fairly active. And he’s helping me get in shape to surf!

"What, in general, does your program at MATRIX PF entail?"

I can honestly say there is nothing’ in general’ about my program. Shane always seems to tweak our sessions for what’s going on in my body that day, and I always leave feeling better and stronger.

"What 'homework,' if any, are you assigned?"

Shane is always changing up my warm-up which I do on the bike path. Well…OK…I do MOST of it….the stuff I can remember.

"What changes have you noticed since starting at MATRIX PF?"

I’m stronger and my balance is getting so much better.

“What would you say to someone else who may be considering signing up at MATRIX PF?”

DO IT! It’s a game-changer.

“What activities can you do now that you couldn’t do before you started at MATRIX PF?”

I can hang from a bar for a lot longer-coming for ya, pull-up!

“Have you used a personal trainer before? If so, how is your experience at MATRIX PF different?”

Yes. Every trainer brings his/her unique talents to a session. Shane is super smart and I love how he can personalize your workout to whatever is going on in your body that day. He is also super smart, and sprinkles in techniques that I’ve never heard of before to make my workout that much better.

"What about your workouts at MATRIX PF do you enjoy most?"

I love how each one is never the same. Shane ALWAYS keeps me on my toes, and interested and engaged.