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Testimonials - MATRIX PF, East Greenwich, RI

Read what some of MATRIX Personalized Fitness' happy clients have to say about the impact training with Shane Sauer has had on them.

Mary Nedder

"I have been training with Shane for several years and hope he will work with me for many more. Shane is a wonderful person, an excellent personal trainer with amazing fitness knowledge. He is motivating, supportive and fun. My sessions are tailored specifically to help me continue making progress.  He has made every session different and unique. Working with Shane has increased my physical strength and self confidence. I love my sessions and wouldn’t work with anyone else! Whatever your goals, Shane will help you reach them."

David Nedder

"I remember the first day I started working out with Shane. He asked a lot of questions about me and my health, he then tailored a workout just for me.  I had pain in both my knees and shoulders. Within a month my pain had diminished and I was on my way to being able to do hourly workouts two to three times a week. Shane is a wonderful person and a great trainer."

Erik Strzempko

"I began training with Shane in order to mix up my workout routine and to learn some new techniques and insights.  As an avid runner, yoga teacher, and gym-goer I already had a pretty active life but felt I was missing something.  Shane has added an intelligence and depth to my movement practices that I could never have imagined.  I have seen unbelievable improvement in my strength, mobility, and overall stamina since making one of the best decisions of my life.  In each session I learn something new about my self and my body."

"Shane has taken my fitness to the next level. All of his workouts are fun to do as well as challenging to complete. He'll combine all sorts of exercises - TRX, bosu ball, agility ladder, plyometrics, medicine ball, to mention some - in a way that will make you outperform during your normal physical activity. I have also been able to successfully recover from knee injury and shoulder pain through his coaching and advice. I totally recommend Shane as a fitness instructor and plan to continue to have him as my personal trainer."

Martin Hacker

Lauren Vicente

"Shane is a knowledgeable trainer with a positive attitude that can help any person regardless of their age, fitness level and background to reach their goal in an enjoyable atmosphere. I love working alongside him."

"I have trained with Shane for 10 years and never regretted one workout. Each session is specifically set for me to improve on my weaknesses while supporting and building on my strengths. I am stronger, healthier, and more confident today than I was in my 30’s. Enjoying my 70’s!"


Brian Astle

I started working with Shane in 2014. As a 40ish-year-old, I had limited use of my body. My major complaint was low back pain. I could go on and on about my pursuit to alleviate my back problems for example doctors, surgeons and  physical therapy to name a few. 

To get to the point, Shane instructed me on some small movements with huge results! His knowledge and his extremely keen observation skills have helped me become aware of my movements therefore continually allowing me to achieve goal after goal. My favorite goal is being able to play comfortably with my eight year-old son!! I feel much much better in my 40s then I did in my 30s!

Megan Eddy

Shane’s knowledge of the human body is astounding.  His assessment was thorough and super informative.  I learned so much about neurology and my body just from my first visit.  Shane was patient and carefully answered the millions of questions I had for him.  His demeanor is very calm and kind and therefor easy to talk to.  I would hands down recommend him to anyone.

María José Morales Ballesteros

Shane’s knowledge of the human body is extremely impressive. He is very detailed oriented. Every time I have seen him, I have had a different issue and he knows how to diagnosis each problem and solve it. Shane has the ability to connect and relate to you quickly. He draws up a plan for you on the spot, showing his extensive knowledge. He is exceptionally passionate about his clients and what he does for a living! I would keep him always in mind!!!