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Client Profiles

MATRIX Personalized Fitness tries to recognize their clients for all the hard work they have done.

Suzanne Meegan

"What fitness goal are you working towards at MATRIX Personalized Fitness?"

Maintaining and increasing my strength. Also, focusing on improving my balance.

"What, in general, does your program at MATRIX PF entail?"

We discuss my fitness successes and struggles from the past week.  The workout starts with warming up using my personalized routine. Then we get into the strength and balance exercises. We use the ladder and the TRX.

"What 'homework,' if any, are you assigned?"

My homework consists of practicing any new exercises and of course, brain work!

"What changes have you noticed since starting at MATRIX PF?"

There have been many changes for me. Most importantly, I am more mindful about consistently training myself with important exercises that take only minutes. Things like breathing, eye exercises, stretching, etc.

“What would you say to someone else who may be considering signing up at MATRIX PF?”

I have talked with several people about the benefits in health and motivating goals I have received from MATRIX.

“What activities can you do now that you couldn’t do before you started at MATRIX PF?”

There are many things I wanted to do, but didn’t think I could do. One is hopping up to sit on my counter-top! If Shane says “you can do it” – go for it because he is right and won’t let you get hurt in the learning process. You’ll just get better!

“Have you used a personal trainer before? If so, how is your experience at MATRIX PF different?”


"What about your workouts at MATRIX PF do you enjoy most?"

The new challenges presented during each session are my favorite. By breaking things down and trying them again I am able to achieve those goals. MATRIX is the best!