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Interpret & Predict: To Maximize Performance, Minimize Guessing

In sports, why do we choke? It has to do with the brain and how it functions in a novel situation. Understanding that can improve your movement in everyday life, too.

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Reinventing Fitness: Our 4 Philosophies

TB-12 and MATRIX share many of the same philosophies.  In the end, it's really all about helping people achieve a desired performance level, then sustain it.

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Sensory Tools: Interoception

Interoceptive signals are what help your body regulate its natural functions.  Things like breathing, digestion, blood pressure, and heart rate.  Learn how improving these signals can improve your life.

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Sensory Tools: Proprioception

In your brain, your body is literally mapped out.  This mapping is called proprioception, and it's a big part of how your brain interprets movement, touch and other sensations.

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Sensory Tools: Balance (Part 2)

Balance is important to everyone.  From the time you learn to walk, your brain puts a lot of energy and resources into making sure that your head doesn’t hit the ground.  Here are a few simple drills that will get your balance back on track. 

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Sensory Tools: Vision (Part 1)

Knowing what tools are in Your Brain’s Toolbox is one thing.  Knowing what to do with them is another.  Consider this blog a quick reference guide for your vision system.

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